"Echo Me On" Peach Swirl Vinyl by Lee Baggett (Edition of 50)


"Starting with the idea of a piano based record as the third stage link with the Just a Minute and Anyway records, this was made with the same basic ingredients-which is meet by the sea for a couple days, catch a wave, set up the mics and record while learning the song. This was achieved. The formula being altered a bit with more crew members and some precision mixing chamber operations." - Lee Baggett

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1. Nature's Vagabond
2. Ship Of Dreams
3. All Star Day
4. Zipper Ride
5. Hideaway With Me
6. King Of The Canyon
7. Simmer Down
8. Farm Crunch
9. Little Soggy
10. Weeds

Release Date: December 22. 2023

released by:
Perpetual Doom
release/catalogue number:

"All Star Day" Video Here: Watch