"People" 12" Vinyl LP by Little Wings

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Fans of Kyle Field’s magic mind will find plenty to delight in on his new album People! Songs tilt this way and that in both mood and timbre. Yet, whether introspective, cheeky or joyous there is the sense that all of these tunes boil down to a simple search for balance. Even from the cheap seats you’ll gasp and sigh as Kyle’s hot-shot band plays him through his poetic acrobatics. A kind of lyrical high-wire act plays out here in quirky, pastel, miniature – an insightful flea-circus of song. The recordings are bright and saturated, clean and close. In production quality and arrangement People harkens back to a vintage, sensual Southern California studio. This feels like the most intimate Little Wings record yet, as our man K. F. spins clever yarns from the mature vantage of his storied life. Indeed, People delivers an altogether new form of album alchemy, while clearly building upon, and expanding, the expressive body of work that is Little Wings.

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1. Who Should Know?
2. Scratchers
3. Why Me?
4. Bite The Nose
5. Cliff's Face
6. People
7. No Suicide
8. High Times
9. Let Them Talk
10. Paradise

2nd edition Black Vinyl with a new light pink center label
Pressed at legendary RTI in truly haunted Camarillo,CA...

"Why Me?" Official Video Here: Watch