"Mushroom" Hardback Book and 12” Record in a Box by Kyle Field and Greg Olin

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Enter into a strange yet oddly familiar world—one that is absurdly like our own, a realm of modern nursery rhymes accompanied by colorful and unique illustrations, all sprung forth from the creative minds of artists Kyle Field and Greg Olin. Best known for their musical projects, Little Wings and Graves, Field and Olin collaborated on MUSHROOM, an audio and visual journey through the ceaseless strangeness of childhood. Here you will find tall tales, stories, and yarns for adults and kids alike, but with an eye for the era of smartphones. These are both lullabies in the age of Bitcoin and fond memories of “Love in the Time of Beepers.”

The book includes an accompanying listen-along soundtrack featuring Field and Olin taking turns reading the poems over original music and atmospheric sounds. Both contribute their distinctive touch to bring these imaginative vignettes to life.


Mushroom the Record
12 inch LP vinyl record | Split run, opaque swamp + translucent orange
Songs written, performed, and arranged by Greg Olin
Songs written and performed by Kyle Field

Mushroom the Book
Hardback with dust jacket | 12 x 12 inch | 74 pages | 80+ color illustrations
Poems and Drawings by Kyle Field
Poems by Greg Olin

Published by Perpetual Doom and Cattywampus Press

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“The music poetry herein toys with my left coast subconscious. I thought of teenage vacations with stepparents, weird uncles, domestic psychedelia... ‘The Point' by Nilsson but aimed at teenage skateboarders from Oakland (or grown-up ex-skateboarders from Oakland.” -Stephen Malkmus