"Spirit of a Ghost" Cassette by Thee Conductor (ft. Bonnie Prince Billy)

$10.00 - $20.00

Dive into the world of Thee Conductor! Perpetual Doom proudly unveils the reissued gem, 'Spirit of a Ghost,' now available for the first time in physical format: a limited edition translucent midnight blue cassette. Originally released in January 2021, this masterpiece features 8 soul-stirring tracks, graced by the enchanting voices of Bonnie Prince Billy, Jana Horn, and Will Johnson.

1. Hey, We OK?
2. Spirit of a Ghost (w/ Jana Horn)
3. Certainty is Certainly Uncertain
4. Night Light (w/ Bonnie Prince Billy)
5. The Gentle Ones
6. Face Crinkle
7. Tsk, Tsk (w/ Bonnie Prince Billy)
8. We're Not So Ok (w/ Will Johnson and Tosca String Quartet)

1. Limited Edition Cassette Only
2. Limited Edition Cassette of “Spirit of the Ghost” & Vinyl 12" LP of "Cotton Tornado"

Digital Release Date: January 19, 2024
Orders ship within 21 days.

released by:
Perpetual Doom
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"Night Light (ft. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy)" Official Video Here: Watch