Preorder "Ghost Approaches" Vinyl By Earl Vallie

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Preorder "Ghost Approaches" Vinyl By Earl Vallie

Perpetual Doom proudly presents the new album from Earl Vallie: Ghost Approaches. Brandishing a new moniker and a reenergized spirit, Vallie teams up with producer and drummer Greg Saunier of Deerhoof to deliver a collection of boldly weird and defiantly life-affirming songs.

Ghost Approaches features a remarkable range of musical contributions, from the chilling sax at the end of “My Babys Broomstick” to background vocals of Val Glenn on “Hollow Skies” and Heidi Alexander on the doo-wop inflected “Prom.” “My only goal,” Earl says, “is to uplift people with sounds and melodies that are undeniably relatable and healing for all.” It may be a ghost approaching—but it’s a good one.

More about Earl Vallie: Click Here.

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Limited Edition 140g Black Vinyl (Limited to 175)

1. Ready To Die
2. A Beautiful Creature
3. Autumn Leaves
4. Prom
5. Hollow Skies
6. Reap The Seeds of Love
7. Tarantulan Son
8. My Baby's Broomstick
9. Sunday Soldier

Release Date: Late 2022/Early 2023
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Perpetual Doom
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