"Goodbye 'Til I Do Good By You" Cassette by Blaine Todd


Blaine Todd rides the trail with a big iron on his hip -- a lone wanderer passing through on a horse, a motorcycle...Hell—a giant canoe, paddling the Milky Way, heading for the neon barroom lights of Infinity. Brothers & Sisters, what you're hearing is true blue cosmic country.

This ain't pastiche, though—let's get that straight. No peacocking. No kitsch. This ain't a white boy in a Nudie Suit begging for brownie points from the songwriting Gods. No time for that shit.

Have I made myself understood?

These are boilermaker ballads for us Brethren of the Open Road—those of us who like our three chords and the truth paired with the dear old western sky. Brothers & sisters, this train is bound for glory and it's kickin' up stardust—from California straight to the moon.

 -Wes Tirey

More about Blaine Todd: Click Here.

Limited Edition Cassette of “"Goodbye 'Til I Do Good By You”. Pro-dubbed, pro-printed audio cassette w/ fold-out j-card.

1. Everyman (4:45)
2. A Sea of Grass (5:15)
3. Lone Wanderer (3:47)
4. Zeibright Road (2:22)
5. Hangtown (5:28)
6. Wild Desperation (4:25)
7. Dream Wine (5:29)
8. Just As You Are (5:18)

Release Date: July 19, 2024

released by:
Perpetual Doom
release/catalogue number: