"Drone Bone" Cassette by Drone Bone

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"Drone Bone was born out of sheer restlesness in the Spring of 2007 and lived for a short time in the empty after hours Marriage Records studio in the Oak Street building. To rewind for a moment, I first met Adrian in the year 2000, leaning against a locker in the halls of Lincoln High School. He had arrived weeks late as he was in Paris for an art show. I remember it vividly. He was tall, lanky, with dyed black hair, a cardigan, and a black rosary hanging around his neck. I pointed at him wordlessly and he giggled. And we became friends, with a short pause when I got mad that he broke his fast for Lent and started smoking cigarettes again. We used to cut class and go to Ozone records. I would push him around in a shopping cart, and he'd sell me little paintings he made to buy a soda in the machine. Fast forward to the year 2007, just having graduated college, Adrian and I picked things back up like no time had passed. He would come by my house, which was this antique of a building, the only one of its kind in downtown. Yelling my name from the street, throwing necklaces of yarn he made from materials at the Bins, or an occasional wad of bills just to see my reaction. We would walk all over Portland, rain or shine, and decided it was high time to start a band. I was really into The Monks and Les Rallizes Dénudés, so I took up the Wurlitzer and Adrian was on drums. There was never a plan, and never a cause for a song, but it was our prayer. We would build up a trance and be free together. It was a stressful time in Adrian's career, where a lot was being demanded of him to live up to a certain sound or a persona, but the space we had was just ours. I went on to tour with Adrian Orange and Her Band to Helsing Junction in Olympia and to the chagrin of his die hard fans, a noise set at What The Heck fest in Anacortes, causing his manager at the time to accuse me of trying to ruin his career, calling me a "Yoko." Needless to say, I faded into the distance. Looking back on the jams and adventures with Adrian, it was all about prayer, and finding peace in a sense of freedom of expression and security in the space we created together." -Ashby Mary Collinson

Drone Bone is:
Adrian Orange: Guitar and Drums
Ashby Mary Collinson: Wurlitzer

Limited Cassette of “Drone Bone ”. Pro-dubbed, pro-printed audio cassette w/ fold-out j-card. Only 50 made.


1. Neferzizi
2. Dolphin Diary
3. Dun Dun Dun
4. Nud Nud Nud
5. Overpass Bat
6. Wet Cowboy
7. Heebeejeebees

Release Date: February 3, 2023

released by:
Perpetual Doom
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