"Dead Calm" Vinyl by Austin Leonard Jones

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"Dead Calm" Vinyl by Austin Leonard Jones

Perpetual Doom proudly presents the new album from Austin Leonard Jones: Dead Calm. On this collection of nine new tracks, the Texas-based troubadour channels his eclectic talent into a melancholy country groove. Full of signature tumbleweed melodies and his deadpan wit, it is an essential addition to Jones’ unique and varied catalog.

Add on the Dead Calm companion: a high-quality zine collecting by Austin Leonard Jones. Comes w/ a sticker created by ALJ.

More about Austin Leonard Jones: Click Here.

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1. Cape Fear
2. Night Parrots
3. Back In Black Lagoon
4. Sylvio
5. The Australia Song
6. Demon Sands
7. Exotics
8. It's Treachery
9. The Jesse Woods Story

Release Date: October 7, 2022

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Perpetual Doom
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