"The Wonder Years of Austin Leonard Jones Vol. 1 & 2" Cassettes by Austin Leonard Jones

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Perpetual Doom is proud to present The Wonder Years of Austin Leonard Jones Vols. 1 & 2. This career-spanning retrospective consists of songs recorded between 2010-2018, offering new listeners and old fans alike into the prolific world of songwriter Austin Leonard Jones. From bedroom pop whispers to clamoring lo-fi rockers, these 30 remastered tracks chart the rambling evolution of a thoroughly singular musical voice.

More about Austin Leonard Jones: Click Here.

Two pro-dubbed, pro-printed audio cassettes w/ fold-out j-cards!

*Included in the Doom Club Cassette Subscription Series

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1. Vol 1. & 2 Cassettes: $20
2. Deluxe Wonder Pack: Vol 1. & 2 Cassettes, Sticker Sheet, and "Deep Ends" Poetry/Art Zine by Austin Leonard Jones

"Deep Ends" zine is a high-quality, 20-page zine collecting original, wonder-inducing pomes, art, and photography by Austin Leonard Jones.

Vol 1. Tracklist:
1. Burning Canoe
2. World Stage
3. What Fun It Is To Ride
4. What Wicked?
5. Kind Sur
6. Glowing Windows
7. Heavens Beach
8. King Of The Coast
9. Ox Driving Song
10. No Slow Dancing
11. Appaloosa
12. Black Caiman
13. Well Oh Well
14. Turkey Vulture
15. Obispo
16. You Who?

Vol 2. Tracklist:
1. Valley Pines
2. Native Curse
3. Ranch By Night
4. Surf Motel
5. When I Get To The Boat
6. Hippie Knife Fight
7. Juarez
8. D.B.’s Dream
9. Horn Of Africa
10. Hex’d
11. Haunted House Party
12. Skull Pillows
13. Mexican Cat Dance
14. Dream Street

Release Date: July 30, 2021

released by:
Perpetual Doom
release/catalogue number:
PD021 & PD022